Break out rooms

mini-meeting rooms & breakout space: What a fun way to separate for smaller collaborative spaces while still being open. CPA Headquarters by Geyer

When employees at Partners + Simons ad agency in South Boston need some privacy for a phone call, they just slip inside one of two soundproof booths in the company’s coffee and kitchen area where they can chat away.

Two soundproof booths in the company’s coffee and kitchen area for private phone calls. (Partners + Simons, ad agency in South Boston)

Shaw Contract Group | Design Award 2012

Ewing Cole design : Repeated floral design element gives this reception area interior cohesiveness.

And yet another booth.  Interesting in that this one appears complete in its construction. Modular in design.

Spacio Phone Booths® are single user acoustic office furniture pods, for private calls, telephone interviews or work. Office Phone Booths by Apres Furniture.

Telephone Boxes - by Za Bor Architects

Image 28 of 38 from gallery of Badoo Development Office / za bor Architects. Courtesy of za bor Architects

Watson Desking : Tonic Configuration Images

Here's another view of what modern, modular workstations can do to perk up your corporate or studio office design. We love the space-saving resource shelving, too.