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Hooved Animals

Hooved Animals

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Wolf & Butterfly

Muskox cow & calf

Observing the animals at Bali Safari and Marine Park also taugh you the importance of conserving these endangered species. Photo by Bali Saf...

bison in the snow

valscrapbook: mr moose by SilverBlueberry on Flickr.

Wildebeest via peaceful eye

Word for the day: zedonk Cross between a zebra and a donkey. Cute little girl. What will they think of next?

being different is beautiful


✯ White deer hold a place in the mythology of many cultures. The Celtic people considered them to be messengers from the otherworld; it. The Celts believed that the white stag would appear when one was transgressing a taboo, such as when Pwyll tresspassed into Arawn’s hunting grounds. Arthurian legend states that the creature has a perennial ability to evade capture; and that the pursuit of the animal represents mankind’s spiritual quest.✯

Baby mooses!

Pudu - worlds smallest deer

Pygmy goat nyah nyah

Levitating Lamb by Roeselien Raimond.

pucker up for a big giraffe smooch!

"Sheepish" by Karena Goldfinch

mountain goats

Albino baby bison

Baby boer goat

albino deer?

Albino Doe

Follow the Leader

a small handful

Great smile! This fella made me laugh so hard!

deer, by Matt Ellis