number of the day #morning work Saw a wonderful teacher do this every morning and it was awesome. She just added the whole class together finger spelling it in the air.

Summertime Math

Number of the Day activity. One teacher said, "I saw a wonderful teacher do this every morning and it was awesome." Morning Math warm up.

Classroom Treasures: Numeracy

Free numeracy resources for classrooms, teachers and parents. Included will be printable games and activities.

Comparing fractions anchor chart. Plus more anchor chart ideas on this blog post!

It is only 5 school days away. Actually only 4 days for me, because we have a grade-level planning day on .

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Division without Dividing??? Interesting. Good idea for kids struggling with division.

The Grade May-niacs: Division without Dividing? Good idea for kids struggling with division. CB: Know as the partial quotient methods, where students really use multiplication to find quotients!

Laura Candler's Decimal File Cabinet

Decimals to Fractions Freebie - Common Core Aligned with use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or Just wish this had percents on it

This is usually my homework for the first day of school - how much is your name worth. but what a great idea to leave this up all year and have kids find words with exact amounts...or that fits between a range (comparing) or is three times greater than (multiplication) Great for Early Finishers!!

Daily 5 - Word Work Dollar Words- fun challenge for when kids finish work early Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut