Small delicate tattoos

Small delicate tattoos, only type I would ever get (if i ever decide to). I love the bow on the hand and the three birds on the shoulder blade. So simple, yet so pretty :) The bow and card deck

Love this...

ecard: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you're an expert on my life and how I should live it. Please continue while I take notes. (So it is possible to read in sarcasm.

Skull Rose

Skull Rose I have been looking to get a sick skull tattoo I think this is a winner for the other side of my ribs:) looks great on Kyle's arm

phoenix-I'd get this in watercolor orange, red, and yellow probably on my upper arm or side

tat idea phoenix-I'd get this in watercolor orange, red, and yellow probably on my upper arm or side

Awesome for a tattoo SeaHorse Zentangle Design by TelferZentangle on Etsy

Ink illustration, "Fauna Logistics in Varanasi" (Logbook of India) Animals Totem, holy Indian buffaloes, caws, monkeys and flies together

Zentangle - the art of doodling, anyone can so it! Check out this cool Seahorse zentangle Art Patterns Designs Ideas

Alex and Ani

Love my gold Alex and Ani bracelet (thanks B&J!) Alex and Ani bracelets are the new cool combination of bangles and charm bracelets. They come in gold, silver, and copper.

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Sugar skull

skull and roses tattoos. I would love this in bright colors and the skull as a girly skull.


This tattoo is beautiful and makes me think of my beautiful friend who passed away. She had a sugar skull tattoo and loved butterflies


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candy skull girl tattoo- colour

dia de los muertos If I get a skull for dia de los muertos I think I want it on the left side of my back about of the way down (I don't think that's a common place to get a tattoo, & I like to be different)