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The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower

The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower

Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother... Love it cause I've thought of a lot of similarities myself!

Mean Girls + HP + Pop culture hot mess = greatness

Comic-Con 2012: 'Firefly' Reunion 'Beyond Vindication' for Joss Whedon

the OC♥ - I wish they hadn't killed Marisa so the show could've kept going!

HP Forever ♥

800 words about James and Sirius written for charity. Free on Goodreads.

We dare you to watch this movie and NOT crave sushi afterwards! Jiro Dreams of Sushi #SushiLove #Movie #Trailer

THIS! This all day. Dammit Rose.

Snoop & Britney

baby Britney & Christina

Waynes World & babies?! This could apply to so many of my boards. I love it.

I miss Cappy. And Rusty. And Dale. And Ashley.

The Hunger Games #TeamPeeta

Liam Hemsworth & Chris Hemsworth Mama Hemsworth, how did you do this?!

Obvi Nerusia needs to see Jon Hamm aka Don Draper aka her love

Book = Team Peeta Movie = Team Gale

Betty Draper.

Jonathan Levine, Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Office ♥

I love Ron Swanson.

Can we all be friends?

waiting for mad men