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(buff mama monday) half marathon training schedule


Flat-Belly, Strong-Core Circuit Workout

Flat-Belly, Strong-Core Circuit Workout


12 month body transformation. month by month plan

Total-Body Transformation


Top 100 workout songs, as chosen by top trainers across the country.

The FITNESS Top 100 Workout Songs


Here's a new challenge! -

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Love Your Arms Circuit Workout

Love Your Arms


run 5 miles in 50 minutes with this preset playlist. each song is 150 bpm which will help you keep the perfect pace of a 10 minute mile. Someday I'll be able to use this!

Run 5 Miles in 50 Minutes With This Playlist


Lean Legs Pyramid Exercise - Coming from someone who exercises several days a week, I did this the other day, except a few less of each step, and my muscles still hurt.

Back On Pointe


Flat-Belly Workout: Cardio and Crunchless Abs.

Flat-Belly Workout: Cardio and Crunchless Abs


45 Minute Calorie Burning Treadmill Cardio Workout #fitness #exercise

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Abs Workout For Women


How to Get Skinny Arms Fast! No Special Diet Required

How to Get Skinny Arms Fast! No Special Diet Required


Exercises For Outdoor Workouts To Improve Happiness from Lifting Revolution

Exercises To For Outdoor Workouts To Improve Happiness


30 minute shape up session - Jump rope and strength workout

Quick Shape-Up Session: Cardio Mixed With Bodyweight Moves


Good workout ideas!

Most inspiring pictures and photos - 96195.com


It has been crazy hot here in San Diego lately, and this girl is not enjoying it. Sure, it’s great if you’re sitting on the beach, but during my scheduled 6-mile run last night, I was not feeling it. Honestly, I’d rather run in 30 degrees than 80 degrees. Maybe it’s just me, but that whole “heat exhaustion” feeling is not the most comfortable. Bleh! As a result of the weather, I only completed 3 miles and had to call it a day. It was a bit disappointing, but I just couldn't do it. All of my half marathon training runs have been outside so far, except for one. It might be my last one for awhile, too, since running more than 3 or 4 miles on the treadmill is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE…in my opinion. Usually when I run on the treadmill, I run for time, not for a distance, which is how most of my treadmill workouts are set up. Last week, I needed to run on the treadmill instead of outside (hello darkness my old you’re not my friend), so I created the following workout, focusing on reaching the

My Favorite Things + 4-Mile Run with Light Intervals | Gettin' My Healthy On


Full-Body Chair Workout - Fit Foodie Finds

Full-Body Chair Workout - Fit Foodie Finds


This weekly set is great for a daily workout that doesn't take too long, can be used as a circuit, or a warmup for a longer workout.

Weekly Workout Plan - Paperblog


Great #cardio circuit with or without the treadmill #running portion! You could build up to the running level by level.

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Ankles to Avoid Twists and Sprains


This totally works! Killer leg workout from www.Tone-and-Tigh...

Tone & Tighten: Thigh Pyramid Workout


30 minute cardio interval workout - incorporates the treadmill and stair machine.

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Tone all over with this printable strength-training plan that's a great option all year long and offers the element of some heart-pumping cardio. If one of the moves is new to you, don't skip it; you can learn the details of each move here.

Do-Anywhere Bikini Circuit


1500 Rep Resistance Workout

Kiss Your Weakness GOODBYE; 1500 Rep Workout


awesome interval workouts! Have to check out this site if your regular gym workout is getting old and needs to be spiced up.

Interval Workouts on POPSUGAR Fitness


Full body workout broken down by body parts

X Train | Finding My Strong