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Ladies Straw Wedding Flip Flops Hand Decorated Ivory by Spryngkels Flip Flops, Wedding Flip Flops, Rose Lace, Rhinestone Flower, Crafty Stuff, Hand Decorated, Other Colors, Straw, Daisy
Ladies Straw Wedding Flip Flops Hand Decorated Ivory Canvas | Etsy UK
Ladies Straw Wedding Flip Flops Hand Decorated Ivory by Spryngkels
a dog paw ornament hanging on a wooden wall with a ribbon around it
Homemade Dog paw print ornaments
two dogs wearing knitted hats and scarves with the words, welcome behind them
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Dog of the Day - Community - Google+
four pieces of paper with different colored drawings on them and one piece of tissue paper that has been folded over it
Easy DIY: Turn Toddler Scribbles into Art
turn toddler scribbles into art
a woman wearing a green crocheted shawl with holes in the middle, standing against a white wall
Crochet shawl. Chart pattern linked to under Flickr photo
a pink pig coffee cup sitting on top of a white table
This item is unavailable - Etsy
This made me smile!!! DIY: Piggy or any other animal mug using Sharpies and baked at 350 for 30 minutes. ♥ ♥ this!!
two horse head hooks are mounted on a brick wall
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Cow and Horse Coat Hooks by Periwinkle Driftwood Designs, blogged on the crafty moo featuring Sam and his locally sourced driftwood. Can you source driftwood locally?
there is a small bird on the square plate next to some forks and spoons
Pheasant coaster by katy-maydesigns
an orange and black fish on a white background
Lucy's latest commission for Natalie Whittington. @stitchworkm
the apron has dogs all over it
Basket Boutique
Basket Boutique - Crafty Moo
some burlocks are decorated with hearts and the word love is written on them
Periwinkle Driftwood Designs
Periwinkle Driftwood Designs - Crafty Moo
there are many items on the table at this outdoor event that is selling them for $ 3, 500
Sam's Fudge
Sam's Fudge -
a painting of people walking in the rain with umbrellas and a double decker bus
Richard Telford
Richard Telford - inspirational local artist...
an oil painting of a white building with blue windows and flowers in pots on the sidewalk
Graham Denison - Palette Knife Artist
Graham Denison - Palette Knife Artist.