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Libraries of Distinction

Holly Lamb. Howell, MI. Funding for our Little Free Library was provided when the Friends of the Howell Carnegie Library received the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society’s Dick Johnston’s award. This partnership allows us to extend our Family Place Library resources to parents using the services at MI Works! and Mott Community College.

Tatiana Kuturzhenko. Kyiv, Ukraine. We, the students of gymnasium 267, enjoy reading very much. Books give us the opportunity to dive into the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains.. That’s why we agreed to Yevgenia Piroh’s proposal to take part in All-Ukrainian initiative ‘Add Reading’. Little Free Library started in our gymnasium in May, 2013. It helps to shake the books with our friends. We are very glad to have a Little Free Library at our gymnasium.

Emmah Hackbarth. Oklahoma City, OK. In addition to a general selection of titles for adults & children, our LFL also has magazines for circulation, a box for neighbors to share their business cards, a local resource & information binder to place event & activity flyers, some porch games, crayons & coloring sheets and sidewalk chalk for young and young-at-heart artists, and a box for canned food & recycled goods. We hope to become a meeting, connecting and lingering place for our neighbors.

Emily Killham. Lincoln, NE. I have a passion about reading and libraries and harbor a bit of a dream about being a librarian in my next life. A Little Free Library seemed like a natural fit. So, armed with a dream and no construction knowledge, this Christmas, it was the only thing I put on my list. My stepdad came through and my dream is now a reality and open for lending!

Julie Kinion. Columbia, SC. I read about this a long time ago. Recently a story in the State newspaper gave me information I needed for my own. My son built it. My daughter-in-law painted it. They both set it up for me. It is painted with shelves of books to reflect my career as a librarian. I choose to honor my mother's memory as this was her home and she was an avid reader.

James Dockstader. San Clemente, CA. The garden and our new library are shared resources that provide countless opportunities for learning new skills, healthy living, meeting neighbors, passing garden knowledge to younger generations, exchanging cultural traditions, and making fresh produce and books available within a neighborhood that needs it. The library has become a hub in the neighborhood! We've started weekly reading/story sessions for kids.

Laura Deck. Colorado Springs, CO. For her 33rd birthday, Laura's father-in-law Jim made this beautiful library out of her husband's "scrap" wood - bamboo, cherry, walnut and maple. Having a life-long reverence for books, and being a 7th grade reading teacher, she knows the magical potential this library harnesses. May the powers that be provide you with the perfect book upon your visit!

Jennifer Patt. New Port Richey, FL. I designed this library to look like the blue police box (the TARDIS) from my favorite show, Doctor Who. The Doctor travels on great adventures through time and space; books are powered by imagination and can take you on limitless journeys to exciting words of adventure, so the themes seemed to go hand in hand! It is also a combination Geocache for added fun!

Sandra Davis. Ashland, OR. Four families in neighbor got together to build our Little Free Library. Had our first customer as putting sign on glass door! Building community has already begun on our street thanks to Little Free Library.

Susan Higgins. Youngsville, LA. Our LFL was designed & built by my husband to honor the memory of our little friend, Jackson Gary Reese, who "moved to Heaven" one day before his second birthday. Jackson & I shared a love of books, & we could think of no better way to honor Jackson than to encourage reading & promote a sense of community in our neighborhood. There are book marks with Jackson's picture & story tucked inside each of our books.

Joy Nelson. Fort Worth, TX. This Little Free Library is an anniversary present from my husband to me. We worked on it together over the course of one week. We had our first "patron" within hours of setting it on the post!

Laura Curnan. Enumclaw, WA. We are more than retired teachers, bankers, homemakers, farmers, loggers and more. We are the people who have spent a lifetime making our community a better place. The Village Concepts mission statement, to "be of service to our residents and the greater community" and our philosophy, "to bring retirement to life", fit well with the goals of Little Free Library. We are proud to include our little library to our neighborhood.

Scott Lindsley. Charlotte, NC. Our place is an urban farm surrounded by turn-of-the-century homes, new developments, great nightlife, lots of businesses, artists, etc. Our Farm is called "Linwell Farms" and we grow as much of our own fruits and veggies as possible. Given the interactive nature of our neighborhood, and our home's location on a prominent street where lots of folks come park to go to events, dining and nightlife we thought it would be a great location for a little book exchange!

Cathy Halligan. Stockton, CA. As a reading teacher at an elementary school, i though this idea was wonderful. I have students who do not have access to books at home and do not go to the public library. in a survey I gave 70% of 4th through 6th graders rarely go to the library. They are usually the same ones who lose books and privileges at the school library. The Claudia Landeen Free Library used a surplus cabinet and book donations to fill it. Students use it on a daily basis!

Elisa Alexander. Hendersonville, TN. My mother was a big proponent of financial literacy. I believe you need basic literacy to achieve Financial literacy. mom Passed away Jan 4, 2014, and my children and I decorated this and dedicate it in honor of her, and the amazing pioneer woman she was. She flew planes, was a SCUBA diver, Got her Masters, worked on Spacelab with the European Space Agency, and SO much more.

Carol Lycette. Seattle, WA. My 2014 New Years resolution is to read more books, so in order to have a nice supply of readily available books my husband built me this wonderful Little Free Library. I know that my neighbors and community will enjoy it as much as I will. I am so excited.

Sue Allmon. Lynchburg, VA. The Little Free Library in front of the Unitarian House at 818 Court Street features a quote from Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You’ll Go: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” The quote reflects the wishes of the committee that the Little Free Library will increase the environment of reading in our city.

Melissa Hyatt. Seattle, WA. I gift to my wife who is an avid reader and volunteer in the community. In loving memory of her mother, who taught her the love and power of books and education. She has in turn shared this gift with our children and everyone she touches. Now we would like to share the Gift of books with all of the great people in our community. Go Books!!

Lisa Ford. Chattanooga, TN. I am a retired public library director and have recently moved to Tennessee and I wanted to share my love of books with my community so I decided to start my own library! I used pictures of beloved children's stories that I painted on the library to attract people to my little library. I love books and love to share them with others so this is a perfect way to help foster the love of books to everyone here.

Ken Carvalho. Alameda, CA. Our Little Free Library is made from a recycled Newspaper dispenser we acquired, it has a shelf for paperbacks to sit flat above hardback books lined below. The shape of it and its details match our 1889 Queen Anne Victorian.

Valerie McDaniel. Houston, TX. Our library is in honor of Suzanne McDaniel. She was a great lover of the word, be it through the written word or lyrics. She showered her great niece, Nathalie, with books as soon as she was born. She loved to hold Nathalie in her lap and read to her from those wonderful books. Suzanne finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer, but her works live on. Her library is filled with children's books. It gives me great pleasure to see children enjoying our library.

Douglas and Jean Chadwick. A Chance For Children. Pacoima, CA. We are committed to bringing communities together through reading & to build LFL's at every LAPD station and through-out our community!

Layland Museum. Cleburne, TX. This Library pays tribute to the history of the Carnegie building and its original purpose. Mollie Mims spearheaded the effort to have a Little Free Library in Cleburne. The late Gary Ewart drew the plans and built the library in his workshop to resemble our 1905 Carnegie building. Local artist Charlotte Lawson purchased a $5. gallon of paint from Habitat for Humanity and turned the box into a replica of the historic building.

Joan Bohn. Clayton, NC. Our Little Free Library box was created and lovingly built by my husband Bob (the Builder). He thought the design of the opened book was most appealing and everyone agrees. We are dedicating our library in memory of our dear, late friend, Bill Dill - a voracious reader and lover of all things Irish. Opening Day will fittingly be St. Patrick's Day.

Ross Stapleton-Gray. Albany, CA. Our library began as a salvaged kitchen cabinet bought from Urban Ore, with a roof cut from old shelving and painted copper. It will eventually be decorated with "windows" featuring various literary character tenants of the building.