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Library Plans, Instructions and Ideas

Want to build a Little Free Library but think you can't? Think again!

Library Plans, Instructions and Ideas

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Milwaukee area residents give tips about what worked best for their Little Free Library design.

10 things to know before building your Little Free Library
  • heather

    Trying to come up with a clever library building. Thanks for the ideas!

Little Free Libraries come in all shapes and sizes, with the designs getting more creative and fun every day! Here are 3 of our favorite, easy-to-do designs …

3 Easy Library Designs We Love - Little Free Library

Andy Scott. Chino Hills, CA. Love books, my mom is a librarian and my daughter is learning about sharing. Live in an apartment, so the typical one on a mailbox post in the yard wasn't going to work, so I'm using the bike rack and a box on the back of a bicycle. Hope the community enjoys it. There are comics, board books, children books, adult books, young adult books, and Spanish, Chinese, and Korean books.

Stacy Dickert-Conlin. East Lansing, MI. The Marble Elementary school students together with their art teacher made a piece of art to hold the books - compiled from student ideas.

JJ Francais. Chickasha, OK. We are nestled inside the historic Dixie building in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Come in a check out or "little library" and see the history of our great county. Even if you aren't from around here, we will still have something that will get your attention: free admission.

Rock Island Public Library. Rock Island, IL. The Rock Island Public Library and the Quad City Botanical Center have partnered to establish a Little Free Library in a wheelbarrow at the Botanical Center. The library began in 2013 and became official in May 2014.

Nancy Kvamme. Fargo, ND.

  • Michelle Rice
    Michelle Rice

    I love this. I don't have many resources but would love to do the little free library. This shows it can be done on any level. thx.

  • Little Free Library
    Little Free Library

    Michelle - our pleasure! That is our goal in sharing these images. You don't need to be a skilled carpenter to start a Little Free Library. :)

Donald Hitchcock. Wardensville, WV. We are excited to have a Little Free Library at the Lost River Trading Post. Most of the books are from our vintage and antique collection, and hope you enjoy them! The library box itself was made by one of our artists who repurposes old barn items. We love the rusty door knob, and old re-purposed crate.

Robie Calcaterra. Spokane, WA. This little library is located in our family owned and operated bakery. We found an oversized vintage bookcase to match the decor and it happens to hold over a hundred books. They were collected from varying sources : some favorites from our personal collections, a few duplicates from thrift and vintage sources...most were collected over the summer and fall while we were getting the bakery ready to open.

Maria Leskanic. Hayesville, NC. In honor of those whose written words touched our souls.

Burns Community Center. Lakewood, CA.

Rosalie Street repurposed an old cabinet and now it is this beautiful Little Library! She wrote a blog post about how she did, too: www.rosaliestreet...

Nancy Lindquist. Minneapolis, MN. Sarah discovered this bread warmer at a thrift shop and presented it to Nancy for a birthday gift...the 2 had been dreaming of making one available in this walking neighborhood...lots of families, children, and shoppers pass by daily....Sarah decorated it and built the base and dug the hole! Nancy keeps watch while she tends to the gardens and both encourage neighbors and customers to keep the books coming and going.

Elizabeth Rifer. Seattle, WA.

  • Mary Byrnes
    Mary Byrnes

    Would love the address for this!

Susan Layne Nielsen. Oregon City, OR. I've had a bin of exchange books here for several years. I'm hoping, now that it's a Little Free Library, more folks will learn about it. Come on by Green Key Locksmith in Oregon City, OR, and take out a book! I try to have a selection of fiction, non-fiction, and juvenile books. Soon we'll have a Poetry Corner at the door, too!

Nancy Tiffany. Carson City, NV. I volunteer for a local non-profit, providing rides for low income seniors and disabled individuals. My library is located in a suitcase in the back of my Honda Accord Crosstour. I try to carry as many different authors and types of literature as possible, along with all my favorites to recommend. My library is dedicated to my mother, who gave me the gift of a love of reading at a very early age.

Trisch Pemberton. Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. This Little Free Library, began first as a microscope case that I picked up at a local flea market. I had the help of my son Wil, who helped to remove some pieces on the inside of the case, and who built the roof, and my husband Tony who helped me to re-orient the case sideways and mount it on the pole in front of the cottage. The library is a great way to share our love of reading and our accumulation of books with Bayfield visitors and residents.

Build an Amish Shed Library! You can purchase a Kit to build one at: littlefreelibrary..., or you can find the instructions here: littlefreelibrary.... Build away!

  • Wendy Welker
    Wendy Welker

    Know. Any one who can build this?

  • Janet Kangas
    Janet Kangas

    I love this idea!

Build a classic Little Free Library with blueprints and instructions provided on the Little Free Library website: www.littlefreelib....

Build a Little Free Library that looks like a Vermont Covered Bridge! Blueprints, necessary tools and exact instructions can be found at: www.instructables...

Build a Little Red Schoolhouse Library, let the Neighborhood Carpenter show you how!

Marilyn Johnson. Harvey, ND. My library is an old mailbox we purchased at a garage sale. My granddaughter, Kelsey Kirkland, a University of Wyoming student from Cheyenne, Wyoming, is a budding young artist who painted scenes on the mailbox representative of me and of her grandpa, Irv. I am a retired school teacher/librarian and Irv is a retired teacher.

Emily Hamilton. Fort Dodge, IA.

  • Janice Smith
    Janice Smith

    Where do people get these newspaper boxes? I would live to use one for my LFL

  • Renee Irby
    Renee Irby

    W ish I knew... id love one... maybe check with the local newspaper company?

  • Renee Irby
    Renee Irby

    Or ebay

  • Kim Helmick
    Kim Helmick

    Our local newspaper was so behind the idea of LIttle Free Libraries for the city that he donated 6 newspaper boxes for use!!

  • Renee Irby
    Renee Irby

    What thats awesome!

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Kate Averill. Fort Dodge, IA.

Hao Tran. Forth Worth, TX. To honor my father's dream of freedom through education, this Little Free Library has an assortment of media packed in a small space. As a teacher, I try to promote early literacy with the curriculum classics. It also has a collection of science, space and technology reads. Thanks for sharing!