Luan Felipe de Almeida

Luan Felipe de Almeida

Luan Felipe de Almeida
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Does Honey Wood's branding - from its logo design to color palette - make you feel warm inside? We love this design concept. #logo #branding #colorpalette

Honey Wood's type + Logo looks nice on the packages with simple colors: white & hue of purple. The detail of the bee adds a nice touch + I like the circular layout. The bee looks like a heart as well - cool design.

King George

Coffee makes everything possible, including Mondays. Mondays usually suck but with coffee everything is much more tolerable. Coffee Lovers understand the importance of having Monday morning coffee. ~Me

Cat Sweatshirt #chill

Chill your life with the catty jumper! It's outstanding and so perfect for everyday. Have your own cat with his own glasses!