Beautiful eyes drawn by amazing people. I'm going to try draw the one. It's amazing!

Inspired by  the below artwork by ashleyinzer on flicker these floral doodles are just quickie doodles during TV time with my husband.. Or while he plays xbox and I just sit beside.. No desire to b...

My heart hurts So i sat on my bed Putting my hands on my chest And started praying I didn't have the words So started speaking out Gods promises Then rebuked the stress and hurt And soon enough i felt it lifting _ Mandy (Praise God)

Not to self: combine this with the you sound so sweet when you lie to my lips one on top of the lyrics and the other on the bottom.

Feeling I need to get ready for the day, I had my creative art time and quit time with me and God. I wear my hair to sleep in a long braid as in this drawing and I am feeling the strong desire now to do something with it. Adeline Rios

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"It's so dark, you can't tell the sky from the water.That if I fell, I do believe I'd never ever hit bottom." a 24 wandering ghost goes by the name, Lina.

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I like the colors of the mandala their very subtle and very calming. And I like how its dark in the middle and then it fades to lighter then darker colors.