Luan Morcego Manini Machado

Luan Morcego Manini Machado

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Luan Morcego Manini Machado
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Radeo Suicide is a hopeless romantic <3

hopeless romantic knuckle / finger / hand tattoo, love this! Already have the diamond but mines on the wrong finger to make it work.

Someday maybe i could look like that. Hahahah jk i love pizza

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Twerking to a Perfect Butt

Every girl dreams about a sexy, toned, fitness butt. Popped butt, just like a nice shaped bubble. There are many butt exercises all over .

James Brow y Mick Jagger 1964

Mick Jagger and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown at the T. Show in Santa Monica, California. Taken by Bob Bonis in

Some Plastic Men Join the Army, Some Breakdance via @Incredible Things

Forget about the little green army men; the All City Breakers feature B-boys & B-Girls, in different breakdancing poses! Includes a Boom Box & CardBoard Dance Floor!

Street Dance.

I love dancing and break dancing is what i do best. Is a style of street dance where you do power moves like windmills, air flares, back flips, and hand hops.