LuAnn Kessi: Painting Fabric tips

The Art Sisters are Playing today. Watch us Paint Fabric! Nancy invited us over to work in her studio .

LuAnn Kessi: Rust Dyeing Tips and Hints

LuAnn Kessi: Rust Dyeing -- I like the idea of rust dying with a rusty object that is going to create a pattern as it would look like it has digitally printed piece of fabric edited on the computer

LuAnn Kessi: Fabric Wrapped Bowls Tips and Hints

Here is your BURST of color for the day… Clothesline Rope Fabric Wrapped Bowls I have been creating these bowls .

LuAnn Kessi: Sun Printing Tips

The Art Sister s are at it again! We are sun printing scarves . Sun Printing with Botanicals .

Tips for setting up your sewing machine for free motion quilting

I am attending a Quilt Retreat this week. This is my free motion quilting set up: Behind my machine is a port.

LuAnn Kessi: Tips for making orange peel, pumpkins seed and pancake quilts

After completing the Double Wedding Ring quilt top I am ready for a FUN, happy, quick project.

LuAnn Kessi: Alcohol Ink Tips

The Art Sisters are playing with Alcohol Inks Here is our inspiration: Pigments of Your Imagination Creati.

LuAnn Kessi: Ice Dyeing Tips

I am sharing more of the dyed fabrics today. This one is nick named Medusa : Dry fabric, tied with rubber bands .

LuAnn Kessi:  Tips for Pancake, Orange Peel or Pumpkin Seed Quilts

LuAnn Kessi: Tips for Pancake, Orange Peel or Pumpkin Seed Quilts