Sailor's Moon

This beginning motion, this first time when a sail truly filled and the boat took life and knifed across the water under perfect control, this was so beautiful it stopped my breath. Paulsen -Caught by the Sea

La Recouvrance

"Recouvrance" is the ambassador boat and the property of the city of Brest, in Brittany. It is the replica of a military boat of the beginning last century, intended originally to transmit folds or urgent notices in Africa and the West Indies.

Sous l'étrave du Belem, dernier trois-mâts barque français .

"BELEM" Three Masted French Barque) Launched 10 June 1896 The Ship was Originally Launched to Carry Chocolate From Brazil to France. Was Fully Restored in 1979 and is Used as a Sail Training Ship

"Creole", Charles Nicholsons 1927 schooner. Largest wooden sailing yacht in the world at 214'

S/Y Creole - Charles Nicholson's 1927 schooner. Largest wooden sailing yacht in the world at

Speed. L'Hydroptere. Hybrid catamaran and fastest sailboat in the world.


Hydroptere - World's fastest Sailboat. Uses underwater wings for lift. For contrast, the average Sailboat tops out around 8 knots I believe

wild horses

at in length was built by the Dutch yard and launched in 2003 to a with interior design by of This beautiful modern classic sailing yacht is an award-winning sloop which offers you a wonderful sailing experience.

Auto Avio Costruzioni Type 815 by Ferrari

Auto Avio Costruzioni Tipo 815 the first car fully designed and built by Enzo Ferrari. Legal issues with former associate Alfa Romeo, prevented him from creating the Ferrari marque

ROLY1015-Sous les remparts de Saint-Malo, son port d'attache, l'ETOILE DU ROY, magnifique réplique d'une frégate corsaire malouine de 1745.

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Exciting Freedom of Sailing Captured by Kurt Arrigo

Exciting Freedom of Sailing Captured by Kurt Arrigo

Marine photographer Kurt Arrigo has captured the magic that occurs when one sets sail on breathtakingly blue waters. Since the artist grew up on the European island of