Yuri!!! On Ice (ユーリ!!! On ICE) - Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky (OtaYuri) (オタユリ)>> why is yurio doing that?

Lol XD Yurio: *kiss* Otabek: *looks at split* thinks (I thought I married a tiger but nope I got a flipping prima)

...is nobody going to talk about the fact that Otabek's taking the photo?

On Ice (ユーリ! On ICE) - Yuri Plisetsky and his grandpa (^-^) - Otabek's taking the picture! You can see him in the rearview mirror! - and look at Yuri's ring, oh my gosh, I think I know what he just told his grandpa!

Otayuri? Otayuri.

Yuri is working it! Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky Otayuri Yuri! On Ice / Yoi