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How To Style Curly Hair

How To Style Curly Hair. I do this every day, just with cat walk curls rock cream. It doesn't contain the alcohol that mousse does so your hair doesn't dry out as bad.Cat walk curls rock is what I use! It is the best stuff!

simple smokey eye.

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Champagne Smokey Eye.

1 - Start the dished scoring well with the tone brown 2 - Applied across the mobile lid golden shadow and smoky 3 - End with eyeliner, false eyelashes and mascara, all ready

Pretty enough for a princess

Waterfall braid with curls. Prefer just a diagonal side braid. not all the way around.

merlot and eggplant shadow

Pretty purple to black smokey eye. smokey eyes are SO in this year. they might even be in style in

Perfect smokey eyes

15 Easy and Stylish Eye Makeup Tutorials: How to wear Eye Makeup - Easy, Simple Smokey Eyes Tutorial