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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Summer Reading List >>

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Summer Reading List

You worry about your vacation—we’ll handle the reading list. We'll even help you decide which book to take with you (just in case you're a little too busy on the trail to read all of our picks).


The temperatures are still cool, the sky clear and crisp, and the bugs aren’t here yet.

Reading the autobiography of any elite athlete devoted to an extreme sport—or, in the case of surfing, the radical zone of an otherwise benign and accessible sport— you might find yourself wondering how the author ever stayed alive long enough to write the book.

This Well-Traveled, Extreme Surfer Goes Deep

William Finnegan on Surf Writing and Winning a Pulitzer A conversation with the journalist whose 2015 surfing memoir, 'Barbarian Days,' just won the Pulitzer Prize, about tapping his passion for a book project, and what his favorite breaks are