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    18th Century London

    Maps and images showcasing the largest metropolis on the planet in the 1700s! The New York of the Eighteenth Century. As Samuel Johnson said "If you are sick of London, you are sick of life".
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    Westminster Abbey, 1749, by Canaletto.jpg

    File:Westminster Abbey by Canaletto.jpg

    Canaletto - Westminster Bridge, with the Lord Mayor's Procession on the Thames, 1747 - Google Art Project.jpg

    File:Canaletto - Westminster Bridge, with the Lord Mayor's Procession on the Thames - Google Art Project.jpg

    Jonathan Tyers and His First Two Decades at Vauxhall, 1729-1750 via The Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

    The Gardens

    In Georgian times, London's decadent chocolate houses were unexpected bastions of rowdy behaviour and aristocratic disorder

    The surprising history of London's lost chocolate houses

    A View of London Bridge before the late Alteration as in the Year 1760, Samuel Scott

    Government Art Collection - Art Work Details

    The North Terrace at Windsor Castle, Looking East, c. 1775-1780, Paul Sandby | Philadelphia Museum of Art

    The North Terrace at Windsor Castle, Looking East

    Goodman's Fields Theatre, Ayliffe Street, London

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    The Strand front of Northumberland House, 1752, Canaletto,

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    A View of Leicester Square, Thomas Bowles, 1753.

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    At White Hart Inn yard, photo taken in 1870s, but would have remained relatively unchanged since the 18thC

    The Ghosts of Old London | Spitalfields Life

    Georgian houses, South End Road, Hampstead #london #history #architecture

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    Rocque’s Map of London, 1741-5. Click through to find higher resolution and clickable map!

    Rocque’s Map 1741-5 | Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society

    The Henry VIII Gateway with a view of St George's Chapel, c.1775, Paul Sandby. A watercolour drawing of the Henry VIII Gateway, looking into the Castle from the gate towards the west end of St George's Chapel and the Horseshoe Cloister. | Royal Collection

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    Hatchards Booksellers since 1797, Piccadilly. The oldest surviving bookshop in London.

    Hatchards – Ye Olde Book Shoppe

    St Martin’s-Le-Grand, 1760 from St Martin’s-Le-Grand, 1760 via Lost in Long Forgotten London Spitalfields Life

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    Fine Huguenot house of 1726, Fournier Street, Georgian Streets of London. Read more about Fournier Street here:

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    A View Towards Hanover Square from Holles Street London, 1775, - James Miller

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    Georgian London Chocolate House Tours: A two-hour walking tour led by historian Dr Matthew Green. Covering the area around Jermyn Street, St James’s Square, Pall Mall, London’s smallest public square Pickering Place, and St James’s Street via several back streets and alleyways, its aim is to show how the drink corrupted London’s most fashionable district. Read more about unreal city audio tour of Georgian London chocolate houses: unrealcityaudio.c...

    Of Chocolate Kitchens And Chocolate Tours

    Building on a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map of London, this site allows you to relate an eighteenth-century representation of the metropolis to the first accurate OS map of London (1869-80), and to a modern Google Maps environment. www.locatinglondo...


    George Seddon's Shop, Aldersgate Street, 1753. Seddon (1727-1801) was the founder of the largest firm of furniture-makers in London. His workshop was described by London visitor Sophie v. La Roche in 1786: He employs 400 apprentices on any work connected with the making of household furniture—joiners, carvers, gilders, mirror-workers, upholsterers, girdlers—who mould the bronze into graceful patterns—& locksmiths. All housed in a building with 6 wings...

    Shopping for Furniture in Georgian Times

    1909 Fournier St

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    Little Green Street, London

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    Unplanned housing, Daily life and hazards, 18th century London (Source: theloveforhistory...)

    18th Century London – its daily life and hazards.

    56 Artillery Lane, Spitalfields, one of London's oldest shop fronts, occupied in the 1750s by Nicholas Jourdain, Huguenot Silk Mercer and Director of the French Hospital. In 1827 no. 58 was modernised with a plain Regency front, only a few years before the weaving economy in Spitalfields collapsed and the area became impoverished. See also

    Artillery Passage and south side of Artillery Lane

    Georgian Houses in Sion Road, Twickenham, London. One of the oldest and best preserved houses in the street -

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