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healthy relationship - Have you ever had a relationship/friendship that was unhealthy? Currently involved in one? Can you compare that to a healthy relationship you've been in or are in now? If you can't write about yourself, you can write about a friend or family member. Write at least 6 sentences.


It's true. That is why I invite very few people into my life...most are fake and not worth my time. If I do let you in, you must be pretty special to me...guess you just don't get it, probably never will; I am reaaal!

I'm Saz, I'm 20 something. Be warned that I sometimes post images that are explicit, although I do try to keep it PG. My blog is not about sex, it's about love and most of all, passion. Enjoy the blog. Instagram - saz_ezat ---- Snapchat - sazezat

"If you only read the books that everybody else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." -Haruki Murakami

yes! Art Print

When you fall under the Scorpio Man's spell, this is what you will say to everything!