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Manifestaciones Rupestres

Manifestaciones Rupestres

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Judaculla Rock is significant to the Cherokee Indians. Cherokee accounts link Judaculla (also known as Tuli-cula/Juthcullah/Tsulʻkalu), their slant-eyed Master-of-Game, with the surrounding landscape, including landforms, rivers, and Indian towns. The petroglyph boulder occurs on an old trail that links the old Cherokee townhouse at Cullowhee, or "Juthcullah's Place," with Judaculla's townhouse within Tannasee Bald (also known as Tsunegûñyĭ).

These lions found in a cave in France in 1994 are 32,000 years old, and are believed to be the oldest paintings ever discovered

Save A Tree | Hume's Other Fork

Fish Rock Glyph designed and done by the Greenlandic artist Aka Høegh, who lives in Qaqortoqin Qaqotorq Greenland

rock glyph, qaqotorq, greenland | My Website / Blog

Bir Himma, Saudi Arabia

Aboriginal rock

' Leçon de Cosmologie Aborigène : LA TERRE MOLLE '

Parques Arqueológicos en España

Parques Arqueológicos en España

Castle Gardens petroglyphs, Wyoming

Petroglyph, Bohuslan, Sweden. (Note to self: @Barbara Carithers has awesome petroglyph board.)

Petroglyphs from Samanga, Peru.

Anasazi Petroglyphs

Inside the Canyon - Chinle Arizona, United States Travel Blog

Moab, Petroglyphs & Anasazi Ruins

Solstice Snake - Moab - Petroglyphs

Screen print after a canyon painting. S.E. Utah


Dry Fork Canyon, McConkie Ranch. Great article with tons of picture of the rock art.

Dry Fork - McConkie Ranch

Pinturas Rupestres de Val Camónica.

Arte Rupestre sitio: Pulltuma Oruro-Bolivia Foto: MUSEF

Petroglifos de la Quebrada Tusmare - Create your own beautiful photo gallery on Slidely

Petroglifos de la Quebrada Tusmare | Photo Gallery By Slidely

Centro Comercial Piedra Pintada, en Vigirima

Petroglifos de la Quebrada Tusmare

Val Camonica, Italy 10,000 BC

ZIMBABWE MATOBO HILLS - INANKE CAVE - The hunched giant of Inanke represents a San shaman deep in the state of trance.

Magnificence on Cave Walls

Hopi Petroglyphs

Southwest Scenes

Le Thot, Lascaux, France - according to Nat Geo genographic dna project, my maternal line goes back to the people given credit for these cave paintings, the first ancient people to leave Africa and settle in France (my maternal great grandmother was French)

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Petroglyphs, Escalante River, Utah - photographer Sam Cox

Landscape Imagery Nature Photography Utah Gallery 4

Kimberley, Australia rock art - Wanjinas

Petroglyphs, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, photo by Poutine

ANCIENT ART — Ancient Petroglyphs, from Ometepe island,...