Yoga Class On The Water

wonderfulyou:Beautiful class out on the water this morning with and the gang! These gorgeous ladies did amazing… Falling off is mandatoryShot with on !

Supported backbends across board open chest and increase the size of your breath. While sitting, place a medium-height block behind you vertically beneath where your shoulder blades will lay and place another block behind that one vertically to use as a pillow for your head. (Use lower blocks if this height doesn’t feel great on your back.) Allow your body to gently rest on blocks, adjusting placement until you are comfortable, with arms resting on either side. Stay here for 5 deep breaths.

7 Chill Yoga Poses to Ease Anxiety

Try this yoga workout after a long day at work for a relaxing workout that will tone your body and help relieve you from any stress and anxiety. This yoga workout that will improve your flexibility, ease your mind and keep your body healthy.

FBG Raquel recounts her timing taking a class at Strala and doing yoga with Tara Stiles. To Tara, the founder of Strala Yoga, "all you need to do is lead your own adventure".

'Finding My Ease' at Tara Stiles' Yoga Studio, Strala

Five Mood-Boosting Yoga Poses for mommy mornings or the 3 o clock energy drop

Five Mood-Boosting Yoga Poses

Five Mood-Boosting Yoga Poses + feels great on my back and loosens up my TIGHT hamstrings

Yoga For Anxiety: 10 Poses To Reduce Stress And Support Mental Health

LOOK: 10 Of The Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety

Yoga pose.

Excellent image using blankets to protect the cervical spine in Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand).

Going to yoga class is fun, but sometimes you can't always make it to class. Enter your home practice. Here's a guide to 5 tips to start and maintain a home yoga practice.

5 Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Home Yoga Practice

Want to practice yoga at home but not sure where to begin? Here are 5 Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Home Yoga Practice yoga workout, yoga for beginners