Heard a woman say that she used to get to use markers to color in her dad's tattoos so now I want to get some that the girls can play with.  This one is gorgeous.

Sardin Van Cleemput i really love the way this sort of combines traditional american tattoo style with the henna paisley

Skull-ish girl portrait  #tattoos #tattoo #ink #art #inked #tattooed #hookedontattoos

Day of Dead Blonde Doll - I freakin' LOVE this tattoo! I love Sugar Skulls. I would actually get this as a tattoo! Minus the rose on her arm.

Gil Evgren pin up and roses large scale sleeve.  This is almost definitely Photoshopped, but would be lovely as a real piece

I personally wouldn't get a sleeve, but this is absolutely beautiful! full color vintage pin-up girl and blooming roses sleeve arm tattoo

Tim Shumate’s Pinup Pocahontas Princess Tattoo | CorinaWrites

Tim Shumate’s Pinup Pocahontas Princess Tattoo « CorinaWrites (the irony is if you choose this tattoo, are you truly choosing your own path? Still love it.

Paisley.. I want something like this as a "filler" on my future sleeve!

mehndi inspired flower arm tattoo- I would love something like this if I ever decide to get a quarter sleeve

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Photo : Clochette (Peter Pan) - ©Timothy John Shumate - Gentside

Clochette (Peter Pan) - ©Timothy John Shumate

Grown up tattooed Tink. The quote isn't right "Not all who wander are lost". I've always wanted a Think tattoo okay just going to say wouldn't get this but two things I love have just collided. Tinkerbell and lotr

Tim Shumate Illustrations pinup Alice in Wonderland Disney Princess-I would want it to say "We're all mad here" and have her holding the chesire cat with the hatter's hat on :) art,Art & Photography,A

Tiana Pin-Up Tattoo

Tim Shumate creates Tiana (of Disney's The Princess and the Frog) in his signature pinup girl tattoo style.

Ariel - source Red Hair Tattoo

Disney pin-up princess. I love this so much! Like seriously love it. The Little Mermaid is in my top two Favorites! Thinking of a Disney inspired half sleeve with Ariel and Jasmine for my girlies!

I like tattoos, but this one is amazing. It's no a dark piece on your arm! Love it

I like the effect, though I'm not really into flower tattoos. Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoo by Sacha Masiuk


Disney Princesses Illustrated As Sexy Pin-Up Girls With Tattoos By Dorothy Tan; just love this idea of taking your favourite childhood Disney princess and turning her into a bad ass pin up chick

Freakshow Project: Disney Sleeping Beauty tat

8 Very Cool Disney Princess Pinup Tattoos - So neat to see well known characters seen through a new stylistic lens. This is taking Aurora and taking inspiration from the old sailor pinup tatoos. Tim Shumate is just amazing.

Tim Shumate

Baby's First Summer: The Ultimate Summertime Mom Uniform

Tattoo artist, Timothy John Shumate, of DeviantARTist Telegrafix, whipped up these illustrations of cartoon characters with tattoo. American pin up style tattoo - Jasmin