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Women's resist-dyed caftan and headcloth, 1990-5, Nigeria.

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Men's resist-dyed tunic and pants, 1990-5, Nigeria.

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Yoruba women's wedding outfit, 1997, Nigeria.

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Yoruba man's wedding outfit, 1997, Nigeria.

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Costume for a diviner's acolyte (Umkhwetha), before 1966, Xhosa peoples, Thembu subgroups, South Africa.

Costume for a Diviner's Acolyte (Umkhwetha)

Egungun masquerade costume, 20th century, Yoruba peoples, Benin.

Egungun Masquerade Costume

Woman's cape (handira), Berber, Beni Ouarain peoples, early 1990's.

woman's cape (handira)

Man's garment (agbada), Yoruba peoples, 1980's.

man's garment (agbada)

Man's robe (girke, agbada, boubou), Yoruba or Hausa peoples, Nigeria, mid-20th century.

Man's robe (girke, agbada, boubou) -

Elephant mask (tu pun), Kuosi society, Cameroon, early 20th century.

Elephant mask (tu pun) -

Dashiki (caftan robe), 1970's-80's, West African.

Dashiki (caftan robe) – Objects

Assuit scarf, early 1900's, Egyptian.


Man's wrapper or kente cloth, Asante people (Southern Ghana), 1970-90.

man's wrapper; kente

Ceremonial tunic, Amharic people (Ethiopia), early 1900's.

ceremonial tunic

Woman's headdress, early-mid 1900's, Mbukushu people, Namibia, Africa.

woman's headdress

Man's robe, Sierra Leone, 1920-39.

man's robe

Headdress, 20th century, African (Gisu peoples).

Headdress | African (Gisu peoples)

Ensemble, late 19th century, African (Kuba peoples).

Ensemble | African (Kuba peoples)

Jijara robe, 1970-2010, Nubian peoples.

Ensemble - Nubian Traditional Ensemble

Jirjara robe, 1975-2010, Nubian peoples.

Ensemble - Nubian Traditional Ensemble

Man's formal ensemble (Gbariye), Yoruba peoples, Africa, 1980's.

Man's Garment (Gbariye)

Cape (lembde) and hat, Amharic peoples, Ethiopia, Africa, early to mid-1900's.

Cape (Lembde) With Matching Hat

Dress, Yoruba peoples, Africa, 1970's.

Woman's Body Wrapper (Iborum)

Royal woman's ensemble, Jukun culture, Nigeria, Africa, c. 1960.

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Masquerade costume, Chokwe peoples, Central Africa, mid-1900's.

Masquerader Costume