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National Costume - Africa

Folk costume from Africa.

Dinka man's corset, Sudan, 20th Century.

Pair of man's slippers, Morocco, late 18th century.

Turban, Igbo peoples, South-Eastern Nigeria, 2006.

Wedding ensemble for a bride and groom, Thembu people, Eastern Cape, South Africa, 1950's.

Costume for a female diviner (Igqirakazi), before 1966, Xhosa peoples, Thembu subgroup, South Africa.

Jlaleb, 1800-1941, African.

Folk ensemble, Sahara Desert, Africa. Second half of 20th century.

Bride's wedding kaftan, Moroccan, 1800-1850. Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Egungun masker's garment, the Yoruba peoples, 1930-1960. Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Men's beaded bodice, mid-20th century, African (Dinka peoples).

Bodice, 20th century, African (Dinka peoples).

Hat, possibly early 1900's. Central Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kuba, possibly early 20th century.

Costume, 1900's. Guinea Coast, Nigeria, Yoruba, 20th century.

Costume, 1900's. Guinea Coast, Nigeria, Yoruba, 20th century.

A woman's beaded corset from the Dinka people from Sudan, ca. late 19th to early 20th century, © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Likishi dance costume, Luvale, Zambia, late 19th or early 20th century. Made of bark and rope, with attached mask.

Moroccan Jewish wedding dress, 19/20th century by Center for Jewish History, NYC, via Flickr

Egungun ensemble, Yoruba people of Nigeria, 20th century.

Young matron's dress, likely 20th century. Mfengu people, Cape Town, South Africa.

Mpondo bride’s ensemble consisting of 51 pieces. Africa, 1950's.

Robe, 19th century, Moroccan (probably).

Jacket, early 19th century, Algerian.

Kente cloth, 19th century, African (Akan peoples).

Festival ensemble for a man from the Ivory Coast, c. 1997.

Ceremonial ensemble, Poro culture, Guinea/Liberia, mid-1900's.