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    National Costume - Africa

    Folk costume from Africa.

    National Costume - Africa

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    Man's formal ensemble (Gbariye), Yoruba peoples, Africa, 1980's.

    Man's Garment (Gbariye)

    Cape (lembde) and hat, Amharic peoples, Ethiopia, Africa, early to mid-1900's.

    Cape (Lembde) With Matching Hat

    Dress, Yoruba peoples, Africa, 1970's.

    Woman's Body Wrapper (Iborum)

    Royal woman's ensemble, Jukun culture, Nigeria, Africa, c. 1960.

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    Kente cloth, Asante people, Africa, 1970-90.

    Man's Wrapper; Kente

    Masquerade costume, Chokwe peoples, Central Africa, mid-1900's.

    Masquerader Costume

    Elephant mask and tunic, Bamileke peoples, Cameroon, Africa, mid-20th century.

    Elephant mask and Tunic -

    Man's corset and apron, Dinka peoples, Africa, 20th century.

    Man's corset and apron -

    Ensemble, late 19th century, African (Kuba peoples).

    Ensemble | African (Kuba peoples)

    Hat, African, Kuba peoples, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1950–2000.


    Traditional male gown, 1959, Fulani culture, West Africa.

    gown 1-2006-1 - Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

    Woman's outfit, 1920's, Alexandria (?), Egypt.

    Woman’s outfit Alexandria (?), Egypt, 1920s ...

    "The Great Dress" (berberisca or al kesswa l'kebira), early 20th century, Fez, Morocco.

    "The Great Dress" (berberisca or al kesswa...

    Man's hooded cape (jelaba) Berber peoples, early 20th century.

    Man's Hooded Cape (Jelaba)

    Jewish woman’s outfit, 1900-50, Tafilalet region, Morocco.

    Moroccan woman’s outfit

    Elephant mask and tunic, Bamileke people, Cameroon, mid-20th century.

    Elephant mask and Tunic -

    Mask and costume representing hawk, Mossi people, Burkina Faso, early 20th century.

    Mask and costume representing hawk -

    Cape (lembde) with matching hat, Amharic peoples, Ethiopia, early to mid 1900's.

    Cape (Lembde) With Matching Hat

    Man's ceremonial tunic, Oku people, Cameroon, mid 1900's.

    Man's Ceremonial Tunic

    Woman's dress, 1860's, Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

    Woman's dress | V&A Search the Collections

    Wrap skirt, blouse and head wrap, Liberia (West African), 1960-65.

    PastPerfect for the Web, 2008 edition

    Shoe, 19th century, Algerian (Algiers or Oran).

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    Man's ensemble, Thembu peoples, South Africa, [undated].

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    Egungun costume, 20th century. Ouidah, Popular Republic of Benin, Yoruba.

    Egungun Costume

    Woman's dress, Sudan, c. 1880's.

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