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Honey package

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jamie oliver food packaging

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pretty package

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stripes and polka dotted olive oil

the prettiest olive oil... - Oh Joy!

floral coca cola x

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  • Kathy King
    Kathy King


  • Lori Fawcett
    Lori Fawcett

    And I love coca cola, such a cute way to drink my poison. BWAHAHAHA!!! JK!

  • RachelRS

    I am so tired of seeing the claims that Coke strips the paint off cars and dissolves chicken breasts parroted over and over again. This drivel has been debunked time and time again, and I still see people quoting it without even bothering to fact-check it first. A simple Google search would tell you otherwise. Mythbusters even did an episode on all the various coke myths. Few if any of them held water. Sure soda can be bad for you if you drink too much. But the claims that it is dangerous to your body just by drinking it is absurd.

  • Shelby White
    Shelby White

    that is the prettiest coke can that i have ever seen

  • Diane Fortune
    Diane Fortune

    Just ignore the OMG! TOXINS!!! people and enjoy the pretty can, and the sparkly awesomeness that is coke. That reminds me - time for my soda!

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Rudolph Wrapped Hershey Bar

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  • Victoria Mabry
    Victoria Mabry

    Kathy Bohannon, this one's for you.

Goats Milk Caramels

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Chocolate Bar chocolates

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Lemonade Bottles

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method : ORLA KIELY limited edition – gel hand wash

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  • Andrea Carey Lara
    Andrea Carey Lara

    @leyregillis :)

  • Leyre Gillis
    Leyre Gillis

    Already stocked up :)

  • Laurel Hamilton
    Laurel Hamilton

    The pear ginger smells heavenly!

  • Peggy Powell
    Peggy Powell

    Pear Ginger is my Fave too!!

  • Amanda Castro
    Amanda Castro

    I have this in my bathroom now, I LOVE this scent!!!!