Free Division Poster for vocabulary or good idea for kiddos to rewrite in their notebooks

Teacher's Take-Out: Division Poster

How to do Long Division - (The easy way)

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Teacher Printables: Long Division Acronym

Promoting Success: Tuesday Tip - Long Division Acronym


Looking From Third to Fourth: Fr-inky Friday

Division Strategy Mini-Posters This package includes a labelled divison problem with no remainder, a labelled division problem with a remainder (both division formats) and 6 division strategy posters. The posters have 2 versions - one uses the words dividend, quotient and divisor the other uses big number, smaller number and answer.

Division Strategy Mini- Posters

Division Strategies

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3-Digit Division. Good example of various strategies for truly understanding division instead of just "getting the answer."

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There's more than one way to solve a problem. Developed for international learners whose parents have learned (and taught them) different ways to solve problems. Free download.

Multiple Strategies for Solving Extended Operations Problems

20 Math Anchor Charts 3-8

20 Math Anchor Charts

Teaching division with manipulatives

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Mystical Division Strategies

Division of the Day- a great way to break a problem down!

Division of the Day {3rd Grade}

This large place value poster includes a division box with the terms dividend, divisor, and quotient. Each word is a different color. There is als...

Keep Calm and Teach

I Will Divide - long division - IHMCS 2011

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Illustrating the long division algorithm

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The teacher who did this must be awesome. Video to remember the steps for long division. Titled "Long Division Style" - Gangnam Style Parody!

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Long Division - Christine Munafo's Flipped Classroom - 4th Grade STEM

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Long Division With Base Ten Blocks

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Division Strategy foldable (inside)

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Liz Carlson

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Division without Dividing?!?!

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Division without Dividing?!?!

chunking division strategy

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Long Division - 2 Digit Numbers

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The Pirate Teacher: Left-overs for Lunch

The Pirate Queen Teacher: Left-overs for Lunch

Division practice - many problems to help students practice interpreting remainders $

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Division Task Cards {Dividing 3-Digit Number by 2-Digit Number} $

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