"S i n l e s s" by Bnilesh, via Flickr ~ what a marvellous take. Depicts innocence, purity, original beauty...and those eyes, ohh the eyes, tell the story of a world I want to live. Such depth beholding the universe. ☆

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony - create your own sunshine. BE YOU, intus et in cute ☼

Not only is this a gorgeous photo, but she has my hair! Well, if my hair wasn't brown and monstrously thick. But when it's behaving, that's essentially what it looks like. Shaved sides'n stuff.

Surprise? Shock? Consternation? Maybe even hope? || Ooh, so this shade of red for the hair--now just change the eye color to green and blue and you've got the twins. (Eye color is pretty much the only way people can tell the girls apart)