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Just in case I ever get lost in the mountains...or anywhere. Essential Survival Skills and Tools

How to Build a Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut- I have built one before with friends, they are extremely effective.If you backpack you should know how to build one of these!

An American F4 Phantom shadows a Soviet Tu-95 nuclear bomber as it approaches US airspace

Cold War: intercept of Tupolev 95 Bear somewhere near Iceland, a common occurence in the The would fly between Iceland Norway to communicate with Soviet submarines transiting south from Archangel to their missle firing sectors off of Bermuda.

Pump Fire Drill

Pump Fire Drill: The Iroquois invented this ingenious pump drill, which uses a flywheel to generate friction. The crossbar and flywheel are made of hardwood; the spindle and fireboard are made from softwoods (as in the ha

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago "Bat" by JB Car cars vs lamborghini sports cars sport cars cars

Tips, tips, tips

Funny pictures about Clever tips to simplify your life. Oh, and cool pics about Clever tips to simplify your life. Also, Clever tips to simplify your life.

Make it part of your survival kit.

Some pretty cool camping/outdoor hacks in this one. Forget emergency candles, a crayon will burn for about 30 minutes 30 Outdoor Travel Hacks To Turn You Into A Backpacking Badass