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Amazing tribal design for your back

Guys Tattoo # 93 - This is dream tattoo for many guys now a days. Undoubtedly tribal designs look amazing on sexy muscles of guys:)

America. Tattoo. Men's. Sleeve. Flag

crossed rifles american flag tattoo A flag is a symbol of patriotism. You may have seen a lot of people tattooed with American Flags and often in a theme of war. The American Flag Tattoo is a reminder of our… Continue Reading →

50 Examples of Lion Tattoo | Cuded

Lion Tattoo On Shoulder Lion tattoo, aka leo tattoo, is one of the most popular among animal tattoos. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. The lion has been a… Continue Reading →

Shoulder tattoo - perfect for the hubby, but maybe on his calf.

We feature the best collection of shoulder tattoos for men. Browse our shoulder tattoo pictures to find your next shoulder tattoo idea or design.