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Natural Chicken Care and Chicken Keeping, Care for chickens in a natural, organic and holistic way. Methods based on chicken behavior and biology.

Comparison of Poultry Cup Drinkers

Chicken Bath 101 -- Community Chickens...that Mr. of yours has a lot of work ahead of him to get our chicken project up and running!!  Escamosa Leg Mite em uma galinha - tratamento envolve mergulhando os pés no óleo de cozinha para sufocar os ácaros. Repita por vários dias até que as pernas são de cor rosa e normal novamente.

VINEGAR FOR EVERYTHING! 11 Uses for Vinegar Around the Adding Vinegar to The Chicken's Cleaning Conditioning Rinse for Bath Removing Mineral Build Up on De-buggin the Nesting Boxes and Foot Loosens Grime from Difficult Cleaning the Incubator.

10 best DIY chicken feeder and waterer plans and ideas

This excerpt deals with ideas of different types of chicken feeders and waterer, that you can can make out of simplest materials that cost just a few dollars

Keeping your coop clean---Cool Coops: Solar Powered and Full of Gadgets! -- Community Chickens

Final touch for my roosting bars.Cool Coops: Solar Powered and Full of Gadgets! -- Community Chickens - tarp under roost for poo, great idea. And using sand.

Nesting box from old dresser for chickens

Great nesting box idea, could make it so the drawers open to the outside with proper safety precautions