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scary, mysterious and deathly this is shown by the creepy figure in the right of the picture. in the back ground hanging from the trees are the dead bodes of the people he has killed and this shows of a more gruesome side of the game.
Masky Hoody and Ticci Toby Creepypasta
masky: I have a camera and I am not afraid to use it!Toby and hoodie tho ready to kick tail
ticci Toby face | Ticci Toby X Reader [Lost] Part- 1 by redrumkat on deviantART
hoodie the great and powerful
Da proxies
Masky and Hoodie fighting.
Ben_Drowned... He drowned. This pasta didn't scare me so bad as it just creeped me out. Dunno why...
Link and Ben Drowned (or Dark Link?) (nahhh)