Cristãos em Chicago que apareceram numa marcha do orgulho gay para pedirem desculpas pela homofobia na Igreja.

This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church. …and the reaction from the parade 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in.

Terra dos patrícios

Quinta da Regaleira (a.a “Palace of Monteiro the Millionaire”) is an estate located near the center of Sintra, Portugal. Quinta da Regaleira is probably the biggest tourist attractions of Sintra. Quinta da Regaleira includes a Romantic palace

…e a reação dos integrantes da marcha.

A group of Christians showed up at a Chicago gay pride parade in July. They were holding up signs saying “I’m sorry that Christians judge you.” “I’m sorry for how the churches treated you.” and “I used to be a bible-banging homophobe, I’m sorry.

Muito bacana esta propaganda em um Metro

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach subway floor art.I would feel compelled to walk in the footsteps. This is awesome

Rio sinuoso cruza a praia de areias cinzas de Landeyjarsandur

The meandering river crosses the grey, sandy beach of Landeyjarsandur (Haarberg Photography/Barcroft Media) Iceland From Above: A Birds Eye View From (PICTURES)

Atendimento ao cliente

aww, 3 year old gets Sainsburys to change Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread.

Bela ideia...

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach subway floor art.I would feel compelled to walk in the footsteps. This is awesome

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reply to a 3 year old who wrote in asking whi tiger bread is called tiger bread instead of giraffe bread.

Lindo ponto de vista

City Silhouettes by Jasper James Can you believe that these city silhouette photos are not multiple exposures? Beijing photographer Jasper James’ technique was to superimpose the portraits with the.

Relâmpagos em meio a uma nuvem de cinzas do vulcão Eyjafjallajokull

Lightning flashes through an ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano Picture: Haarberg Photography / Barcroft Media

Bela vista

“Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” What an idea – to live in a house made entirely of glass. How long do you think it takes to clean all those windows? Contact the Designer: Santambrogiomilano

O Cosmos? Um efeito psicodélico dos anos 70? Não, trata-se de bolhas de sabão explodindo, registrada pelo fotógrafo suíço Fabian Oefner!

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner used high-speed flash photography to capture the brief life of soap bubbles. The bubbles reflect a vivid spectrum of color