LOVE! A site that helps you combine your words and a picture. favorite scriptures, favorite quotes, or favorite songs.

This site takes the words of your favorite songs, quotes, or scriptures and creates a photo of your choice. Maybe use our vows? Lyrics from songs played in wedding? Or our song. Transfer photo to wood for anniversary.

good one!

I don't need it for nail polish, but the basic instructions are a great idea! And duct tape is sooo much fun now! nail rack using foam boards, hot glue and duct tape ♥

diy fall wreath

diy fall wreath

upcycling :)

Recycled magazine baskets-Have done this before, but with paper grocery bags. Never thought of doing it with magazines!

map box

Simple DIY, map covered storage boxes -- just wrap shoe boxes or other small boxes in old maps the way you would wrap any gift, only wrap the top separately from the bottom. Easy and cool looking!