But the best is: "Give me the gate key." "I have no gate key." "Fezzik, rip his arms off." "Oh, you mean this gate key?"

Really cool movie and TV tribute series by Chet Phillips, an artist featured in the Geek-Art Book with his awesome Superlative Heroes from the Victorian Age. Une série hommage à nos héros de TV et…

Mr. and Mrs. Time Lord.  Still not over it.

(Doctor Who) + (The Doctor and River Song) + ("You are always here to me. And I always listen.

It is amazing how the brilliant CS Lewis painted this picture of Christ in Aslan

Chronicles of Narnia Aslan is on the move wall quote by PurpleHeartz on etsy.

"And do try and be a little more vivacious..."

Bud Cort with his custom built Jaguar XKE hearse, from the film Harold & Maude .


The scene where Holly Hunter breaks down, "I love him so much.", just cracks me up. How she does that without laughing and blowing the scene.

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