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Sweet justice

Sweet justice…

This is hilarious! Normal people...haha


This just keeps getting better

Gosling & Culkin

Oh Emma Watson. :)

Note to Self: Lose the Flip-flops

Grammar rules.

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Funny Pictures Of The Day

Funniest Pictures Of The Week - May 4, 2015

Irony / iFunny :)


32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die


attack of the funny animal pictures, dumpaday (8) - Dump A Day

Haha yes!

Funny Pictures Of The Week (25 Pics) | The Funny Pictures


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Why is this not a thing yet?

why are we not funding this - Dump A Day


How to scare your neighbors…

Things Golden Girls Say… Super ñoña lo sé, pero este es uno de mis favorite tvshows ever!!!

Things Golden Girls Say…

How Things Have Changed In A Few Years

How Things Have Changed In Just A Few Years

Living room ceiling fan and light switch!!! Lmao

The 21 Absolute Greatest Problems In Life

Haha...and it's true!

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This is my true story - This website is for sale! - sassyecards Resources and Information.

Crazy as a madhatter....

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This is how I felt every time I was ever attracted to anyone

Animal instincts

This is true!!!

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A growing concern

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Word vomit! When it happens you try to fix it and it just makes it worse, lol.

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I don't think anybody will laugh as hard as I did at this. God, I loved this movie.

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