DIY Teen Room Decor

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DIY Teen Room Decor

DIY Teen Room Decor

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locker decor

Successful business - locker looks » Unique Business Ideas 2013

Teal, black, and white bedroom. I am so making this color scheme happen!

Great colors for a pre-teen/teen girls room
  • Sherri Daniels-Parks
    Sherri Daniels-Parks

    Does anyone know where you can purchase this bedding?

Mason jar craft

Jello and Swedish fish-would be soo cute in a mason jar
  • Ceara Parks
    Ceara Parks

    i get on pinterest and this is the first thing i see. Like my name spelled right. Im freaking out.

  • Jacee Johnson
    Jacee Johnson

    i love that i have a cup just like it!


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crayon art

Friday is Art Day - Melting Crayon Art
  • Rocío Olaya
    Rocío Olaya

    how did you do it? it's awesome!

  • Ragen Lazar
    Ragen Lazar

    You glue crayons to a board and you blow dry it with a blow dryer and they melt into a cool thing like that.

My first crayon art!

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  • Victoria

    How did you do it? Looks so cool I want to try this out for my room:)

  • T a Y l E r P r I n C e
    T a Y l E r P r I n C e

    i am going to try to glue the crayons on the canvas then take a hair dryer or lighter to the wax whikle handing it backwards letit dry then hang it up in my room hope u try it

  • Niamh Clark
    Niamh Clark

    done this before, best to use a glue gun

  • Morgan S.
    Morgan S.

    Sooooooo cool!!

crayon art

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Mason jar ideas

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You know all those pretty candle jars that you don't want to throw out? This is how to clean them so that you can reuse them for anything you want :)

How to Remove Residual Candle Wax From Candle Jars
  • Emma Lynch
    Emma Lynch


This over-the-door vanity is the perfect space saver! #17college

Sneaky Dorm Room Space-Savers
  • Dale Williams
    Dale Williams


My Sister's Suitcase: DIY Sequin Pillow

DIY Sequin Pillow

Framing old shopping bags: DIY Wall Decor-Cute idea for teen rooms maybe? Love the Sephora one!

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  • Liz Ferguson
    Liz Ferguson

    I LOVE this idea, so cool and inexpensive, you can find old frames and spray paint them!

  • Nikki Bailey
    Nikki Bailey

    It's just so nice.

  • Shannon Bouchard
    Shannon Bouchard

    My daughter did this- turned out pretty cool!!!

  • Savannah Brock
    Savannah Brock

    wear do you get the pictures??

Living a Teenage Dream / B-Metro July 2013 / Photography by Graham Yelton Fab teen decor ideas from Dana Wolter!

Striped Curtains - Contemporary - girl's room - B Metro
  • Alice Little
    Alice Little

    I don't know… It's kind of funny shaped and I don't think a laundry basket would be strong enough.

  • Gabrielle Wilt
    Gabrielle Wilt


  • Elle Personius
    Elle Personius

    what is it?

  • Brianna Corrigan
    Brianna Corrigan

    You tap on it and it takes you to a website and shows you how to make it.

  • Alice Little
    Alice Little

    No, sorry, it just takes you to a picture. No explanation.

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Teen girl room decor

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  • kimberly frazee
    kimberly frazee


  • Athena Watson
    Athena Watson

    I got to do that

  • Amelia C
    Amelia C

    Where do you get those

  • Teagan MacRae
    Teagan MacRae

    So Adorible, send me a link

bed made for the corner. so cute! | Great Home IdeasGreat Home Ideas

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  • Jillian Hayden
    Jillian Hayden

    its nice

Makeup and hair station idea....awesome! yes!

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awesome idea!

Perfume Hair product organization
  • Sara Derksen
    Sara Derksen

    If only I had the products to put on the shelf! I don't really use them.

  • Allison Zarnick
    Allison Zarnick

    Where did you get this?

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    liking your pins

  • Paige Lewis
    Paige Lewis

    What are those black things, how do I get them? I really love this idea

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    we love your posts

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DIY bedroom vanity! So cute for a teenage girl to keep all her girly crap in! :)

How "nerdy DIYers" style their Delaware split level home

genius! The tutorial is amazing! This woman IS a genius!!

matsutake: It's Done: The Glampsformation!
  • Shruti Sinha
    Shruti Sinha

    but............... how to do it?

  • roxanne cook
    roxanne cook

    what is on the post?

lights strung behind bed... doing this

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  • Elle Personius
    Elle Personius

    wow. it adds so much!!!

DIY Jewelry Organizer--so simple! Cork board, paint the edges, cover it with fabric, and SHAZAM!

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Organizing :)

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  • Michelle webb
    Michelle webb

    do you make this or DIY??

  • Mildrëd Orduño
    Mildrëd Orduño

Stencil around light switch cover

Stencil around light switch cover — Products & Gadgets

stained glass candles candles diy crafts home made easy crafts craft idea crafts ideas diy ideas diy crafts diy idea do it yourself diy projects diy craft handmade

stained glass candles
  • emmie.,!

    Darby Meadows

  • Katherine Jackson
    Katherine Jackson

    I tried this....

  • Hannah Reay
    Hannah Reay


Spray paint trash can, flip, instant side table!

Home-Styling: Space to love - Espaço adorável