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Magnificent NC Wyeth illustration done for Ladies' Home Journal. It has everything: his billowing, palpable clouds, the searing ultramarine landscape of the Adirondacks, the Transcendentalist communing with nature. ~via Illustration House, FB, this is one of the pieces in their March 15 auction

NC Wyeth, Man with Butterfly Receives Visitor from The White Admiral of the Woods, 1919 blastedheath: Photo

The Milky Way ~ Alfred Émile Léopold Stevens ~ (Belgian: 1823-1906) ~ La La Via Lattea

The Milky Way ~ Alfred Émile Léopold Stevens ~ (Belgian: ~ La La Via Lattea

that's only a sketch I want to draw 2 swan in a lake and color it with water color.I hope I will do it soon swan sketch

"Fairy in a Periwinkle Blue Sky" - by Becky Kelly.sweet darling Fairy Vylette Moon we miss you!