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Best. Books. Ever.

I read way too much.

Best. Books. Ever.

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Not your typical 'school of magic' story...

This is a great book about the 'freaks' of Barnum's Museum - with incredible characters and an engaging story

Such a wonderful book

My favorite Dean Koontz book

So long...but so awesome


I'll read pretty much anything by Ken Follett, especially if it's historical fiction. I'm anxiously awaiting the second book in this trilogy!

I bought this book almost entirely for the pretty cover. I read it and LOVED it. I can't recommend it enough.

Yes, I have this book. And I love it.

My FAVORITE Stephen King book. I love everything about it - the characters, the story - it's incredibly 'real' for a King book

Dolores Claiborne


I loved this book - even more than 'The Other Boleyn Girl'.

The Boleyn Inheritance

The movie is good...but the book is better. I promise.

I'm not a huge fan of memoirs...but obviously I had to read Carol's! It's a fun read, and it's written exactly how you would expect.

  • Kayleigh Mierzejewski
    Kayleigh Mierzejewski

    I hope she has a whole chapter on her appearance as a ceiling fan!

We had to read this senior year of high school...and it is still one of my absolute favorites!

Time-consuming...but so worth it!