"...She walks on mysterious ways"

"...She walks on mysterious ways"

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Full Moon Rising

Moon Shopping


Stars Adorn Orion's Sword

Stars Adorn Orion's Sword - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope


Serenity Nebula by `Casperium- amazing! Just look at the colors. I love space!

Hubble Images: Posters and Wallpapers from the Hubble Telescope


Good night...Sweet dreams ❤️

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Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy Taken by Gerald Rhemann on December 13, 2013 @ Jauerling, Lower Austria

Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy



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The Seven Sisters (or Pleiades) in the Taurus constellation

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Now one might deduce that this means that the dark side’s energies are also enhanced...But this is where it gets interesting: the incoming higher frequency energies vibrate at a level which is only accessible to those whose own frequencies rise up to meet them. For those who simply maintain basic low levels of receptivity – the new vibratory spectrum will offer no tangible assistance. In fact the gap will increase between the two states of being.

A Phoenix Rising - Waking Times « Waking Times


Hubble Picture - Starry Night, so named because it reminded astronomers of the Van Gogh painting. It is a halo of light around a star in the Milky Way

Pictures from the Hubble Telescope


The Eridanus Void. This area shows almost no signs of cosmic matter, meaning no stars, planets, solar systems or clouds of cosmic dust. Researchers couldn't even find dark matter, which is invisible but measurable by its gravitational pull. There were also no signs of black holes that might have gobbled up the matter once present in the region.

CMB cold spot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Napoleon: You have written this huge book on the system of the world without once mentioning the author of the universe. ~~ Laplace: Sire, I had no need of that hypothesis. ~ | LATER| Lagrange: Ah, but that is a fine hypothesis. It explains so many things.

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe - Beautiful Images


~~section of the Galactic plane measured with the Spitzer Space Telescope | NASA/JPL-Caltech/E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin)~~

Image Gallery of Mosaics Created With Montage


Transit of Venus Tahiti style

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Earth and Moon from Space

Earth and Moon from Space Print at AllPosters.com


Space view of Earth and Moon

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Landscape & Animals : Photo


Orion's Dreamy Stars - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

Orion's Dreamy Stars - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope


The Butterfly nebula, NGC 6302, lies about 4,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius.

Butterfly Nebula


The Antennae Galaxies in Collision

APOD: 2014 March 16 - The Antennae Galaxies in Collision


This view across 24,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy shows over 150,000 stars!

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This fantastic skyscape lies near the edge of NGC 2174 - a star forming region about 6,400 light-years away in the nebula-rich constellation of Orion. It follows mountainous clouds of gas and dust carved by winds and radiation from the region's newborn stars, now found scattered in open star clusters embedded around the center of NGC 2174, off the top of the frame.

APOD: 2014 April 3 - At the Edge of NGC 2174


Galaxy Hercules A in the constellation Hercules emits plasma jets nearly one million lightyears long Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

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Blood moon

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The Star "Rigel" & The "Witch Head" Nebula

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