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Atheist Christmas Card (courtesy of Science Gallery Dublin) Hey, I know it's early, but Christmas stuff has already popped up in stores. Virginia Woolf, All I Want, Things I Want, Science Gallery, Secular Humanism, Saint Esprit, Anti Religion, Question Everything, Yule

Atheist Christmas Cards

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Atheist T-Shirts & Gear | Godless Mom

The idea that atheists are somehow less moral, honest or trustworthy have been disproven by study after study - Greg Gaffin

Funny pictures about When comedy shows are more reliable than serious shows. Oh, and cool pics about When comedy shows are more reliable than serious shows. Also, When comedy shows are more reliable than serious shows. Band Nerd, Memes Humor, Humor Videos, Intj Humor, Ecards Humor, Videos Funny, Way Of Life, The Life, Real Life

Papa John's Gets Bludgeoned by Memes for Obamacare Stance

Papa John's is getting some blowback -- mostly in the form of memes -- for its CEO's stance on Obamacare.

Pro choicers are not religious crazed zealots hell bent on you doing what they think their god wants. Childfree, Reproductive Rights, Intersectional Feminism, Pro Choice, Atheism, Pro Life, Social Issues, That Way, In This World

To be fair, very few pro-lifers bomb abortion clinics or assassinate doctors, but it still happens more often than pro-choicers bombing, or assassinating, well.... anything ever.

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Behold my infallible creation also, your main light source gives you cancer

Infallible creation. I guess the sun was also affected by sin?

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Children. Atheist Parenting Tips. Explain the "why" to rules. This helps your children understand the ethics involved. Parenting Advice, Kids And Parenting, Secular Humanism, Athiest, Anti Religion, Happy Thoughts, Life Lessons, Mindfulness, Wisdom

The Kids and Atheism

As an adult, I still need to be told "why" I have to follow certain rules, but having come to understand ethics allows me to make the right choice concerning moral implications.