Warwick Goble

Illustration by Warwick Goble for "The Flea" by Giambattista Basile [Stories from the Pentamerone,

Sita Finds Rama Among Lotus Blooms - Warwick Goble

"Sita finds Rama among lotus blooms" - illustration by Warwick GOBLE (British illustrator, from Indian Myth and legends, 1913

Jack and the Beanstalk -- illustration by Warwick Goble

seized the hen, and ran off with her,. reached the top of the bean-stalk, which he descended in safety." Illustration by Warwick Goble for "Jack and the Bean-Stalk", From 'The Fairy Book' by Dinah Maria Mulock.

1912 Warwick Goble (English 1862-1943) from Folk Tales of Bengal, “The Story of Prince Sobur

Warwick Gobel Hundreds of peacocks of gorgeous plumes came to the embankments to eat the khai. Folk Tales of Bengal by Rev Lal Behari Day, illustrations by Warwick


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"At evening-tide she climbed up into a little tree, and purposed spending the night there, for fear of the wild beasts." Illustration by Warwick Goble for "The Iron Stove", From 'The Fairy Book' by Dinah Maria Mulock.

Warwick Goble

Rita riding on the Dolphin - 21 - The Three Enchanted Princes - Warwick Goble ill, Stories from the Pentamerone, London 1911 (Il Pentamerone, The Story of Stories by Giambattista Basile,

Il Pentamerone 29  Warwick Goble

detroitlib: “ Warwick Goble November 1862 – 22 January An illustrator of children’s books. (Wikipedia) From our stacks: Illustrations from Stories from the Pentamerone By Giambattista.

'The complete poetical works of Geoffrey Chaucer' now first put into modern English by Joseph S. P. Tatlock and Percy MacKaye; illustrations by Warwick Goble.

'The complete poetical works of Geoffrey Chaucer' illustrations by Warwick Goble. Published 1940 'Canacee and the Falcon'

The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley.

Warwick Goble - 'The thing whirred up into the air, and hung poised on its wings, . a dragon fly, . the king of all flies' from ''The Water-babies, a fairy tale for a Land-baby''