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8 Kid Hacks That Are Pure Genius!

Raising kids just got a whole lot easier. Bringing another human being into this world is a big responsibility, but let’s face it: it’s the 21st century and by George, shouldn’t it be easier by now? Welcome to the wonderful world of life hacks. Your kid may not be a robot, but that doesn’t stop you from incorporating kid hacks that’ll make your life (and your kid’s) a whole lot easier. Read on as eBay shares the secrets to successful parenting.

What Should a Child Know Before Kindergarten

The question of what your child should know before Kindergarten is answered by a Kindergarten Teacher herself!

How this mom handles it when her kids throw tantrums

These are awesome tips that I'm going to use next time my daughter stomps away from me. I'm also going to try this on my son's tantrums.