Food ideas for wedding

Keep it healthy at your next summer bash and serve fruit salad out of a waffle cone instead of ice cream! (An easy, no-mess, snack.

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Make up a how well do you know the bachelorette game, use some of these, make up some of my own, hand make it with a halloween artsy theme on paper

Bachlorette party idea ... Bridesmaids early morning pic...except we wont be in a field in camo...I don't think, lol

Country girls get it done. A cute photo for bridesmaids in a country wedding? Not as a wedding photo, but as a pre-wedding photo.

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Symphony in Z Minor

How to Carve a Smile on a Watermelon. A watermelon basket, filled with various fresh melon balls, always brings a smile to those who see it. This watermelon is smiling right back at them. Watermelon is a healthy fruit and a welcome.