Reading strategies. What would make sense? Using context to identify words. Post-its are words we might say. Uncover to reveal correct word.

Can't Stop Smiling in Primary

A blog post about using book clubs to get students excited about reading while practicing all of the reading standards.

Inspiring Life-Long Readers

This pack includes several engaging and fun activities for the sight words of the SIPPS reading program. This pack includes sight words for the beginning level of SIPPS, lessons 1-30. There are editable pages at the end of the pack if you prefer a different sequence of words.

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FREE graphic organizer for Making Predictions. Plus, I love the predicting anchor chart in this post!:


Kiddos LOVE using toy cars to track words while reading. Lots of other goodies to add to your reading station in this blog.

Motivating Reluctant Readers

Bossy R Lesson Plan | r-controlled vowels, -er, -ir, and -ur sounds. By far the most fun we've had in the first grade. Who doesn't want to be a super hero? :)

Wild About Firsties!: R-Controlled Vowels (and a freebie!)

Lexile Levels by Grade~a GREAT tool to have when explaining book levels to parents!!

Panicked Teacher's Blog: Close Reading!

{FREE} Mo Willems printable & blog post all about Mo Willems Author Study

Ms. Shope's Class

Reading: Home Connection #FREEBIE

Reading: Home Connection FREEBIE

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers

Just like you, I can do almost anything! It doesn't matter anymore that I'm in a wheelchair. I know I can do almost everything the other kids can, and that makes me happy. I used to feel left out of things because I'm in a wheelchair. I thought I couldn't run around and play like the other kids. Then one day, while I watched my friends play basketball, I had an idea. I decided that although I couldn't leave my wheelchair, I too could learn how to play the game. It took lots of practice, some...

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Giraffes Can’t Dance Art Lesson

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Secondgradealicious: A Great Read Aloud For Inquiry Based Learning

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wasecabiomes — Waseca Language Materials

Waseca Language Materials

Reader's Workshop Mini Offices

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FREE Activity Guide - "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook

Teachers Notebook

R-Controlled Vowels freee

R-Controlled Vowels

Have Fun with Consonant Blends :With feet together, they jump on each blend and say the sound as they land. Then they throw the beanbag into the basket and read the word.

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep: Have Fun with Consonant Blends!

Vowel combinations make different sounds

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Diphthongs ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ , Video « KizPhonics

Diphthongs ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ , Video « KizPhonics

29-page FREE packet with activities revolving around the rule "When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking."

When Two Vowels Go Walking Activities

Life in First Grade: Tuck Everlasting Novel Study and Purse Activity

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Free Reading Strategies Binder - resources right at your hand to help students while reading. Blog: Second Grade Smartypants

Second Grade Smartypants

How do I start fluency with my first graders? from Teacher to the Core

How do I start fluency?

Get those firsties up to grade level and soaring with comprehension and fluency

Winter Writing, Reading, Fluency, and Art