all things pink

Now that my kitchen is pink, I need pink appliances, like the fridge and stove! I've got a head start already with the pink mix master!

I loved my paper dolls...

Paper dolls Mom bought me a new set every time she and my best friends mom went shopping we both got new sets

Candy colored vintage Christmas. like the idea of Christmas balls as bottle stoppers!

Little ornament bottle toppers. We certainly have several old bottles my husband found in the creek as a child!


Roller skates and Boombox.we lived in our rollerskates, best memories, summertime fun!

phone. phone. burrrr-RING! OMG Tweedle-bugs!

Yip-Yips from "Sesame Street" - Muppet-like fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. The Yip-Yips' eyeballs are made from Styrofoam and the antennae from pipe cleaners. Inside the costumes are foam hats that make the heads a bit pointy and t.