visual motivation.

"Motivation Marbles" or "Visual Weight Loss Tool": Put 1 marble in the "Pounds To Lose" jar for each pound you need to lose.Then transfer the marbles to the "Pounds Lost" jar, as you lose them.

stars - love this!

I love you Brittany ! My other half forever missed always in my heart b I love you rest in peace fly high amongst the stars my angel

Survived breast cancer now having a baby.

"Tive cancer de mama i hoje eu tenho o Theo" "I had breast cancer; now I have Theo." And she is still beautiful!

15 Ways to Stay Married.  This really is great.

Bullying is More Than Mean

15 ways to stay married for 15 years. NOT YOUR TYPICAL LIST! So realistic. I'm gonna be using this every day of my marriage :) Which will last for waaay more than 15 years by the way.