Three Wolves, Quebec, Canada Photo by - Daniel Parent from Amazing Things in the World, fb

Gray Wolf ~ drinking from puddle in Hardwood Forest, Northern Minnesota by Daniel J. Cox

Gray Wolf Drinking From Puddle In Hardwood Forest Northern Minnesota by Daniel J. Cox Wolves are so beautiful and they are just dogs in their natural environment.

A wolf's howl is something unique. No other sound is the same, and that's why I…

Credit: Debbie DiCarlo/Rex Features Coyote karaoke: a coyote teaches its pups to howl at a wildlife preserve in Hinckley, Minnesota

Funny animals of 2013 - in pictures

This is the most wonderful thing ever: A mother coyote teaching her pups to howl. "Howling Lesson" by Debbie DiCarlo.


Arctic Wolf by Michael Deneau on In 1998 my brother and I had 2 females that were Pure White.Their babies were all Loved and fed well.

Whatch’ya doin’

Funny pictures about Whatch'ya doin'? Oh, and cool pics about Whatch'ya doin'? Also, Whatch'ya doin'?

Black Wolf

If all of these animals were stuck in the wild together, would a lone wild wolf be able to fend off a group of domesticated dogs and win or would it simply give up?


Our hand-raised, socialized animals serve as ambassadors for their wild relatives. We hope that, by learning more about and becoming interested in our captive wolves, visitors to Wolf Park will bec.

" Beautiful! "

Wolf -- Portrait - Black and White - Snow - Winter - Wildlife - Photography

I will hunt you down

Wolf (Canis Lupus) Picture was taken in a national park in northern Sweden Wolfs are not evil in any way or shap that is what i really believe, But they.