Central Park, New York

'Autumn Stroll', New York City, Central Park, Mall Area. WOW I would love to stroll along there in the fall. You see it in movies all the time.

New York City

Twice a year, New Yorkers get a chance to experience “Manhattanhenge ”, the occurrence where the setting sun aligns perfectly with east-west streets. What an amazing place to call home

Little Italy, New York City

Mulberry Street, looking north from Grand Street. Little Italy, Manhattan, NYC 😍😍

Autumn in Central Park, #Manhattan

Autumn in Central Park, Manhattan --> the perfect place for fall engagement & outfit photos.

Little Italy, New York City.

Little Italy, NYC ~ Photography by paulpablopawel. Took Mary and Pat on tour of NYC.

Spring, Central Park, New York City

Spring, Central Park, New York City. I can picture a walk through Central Park, just by looking at the beautiful colors.