13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures

13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures

The Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game is fun for kids (and grown-up kids)! Check out this list of 13 DIY backyard games and play structures from This Old House.

clever.  just shapes cut in a tarp.

DIY Summer Outdoor Activities For Kids & Adults. Great game for birthday parties or picnics. Cut shapes in a tarp & outline cut edges with duct tape.

Tin Foil River in the yard. Fun! its the little things they love ... cheap fun ! never would have thought of this...

A TIN FOIL RIVER * A River Runs through it. (in our front yard) * Camo and Bows * A trickle from the garden hose keeps the tin foil in place "as you build it" along the route the water flows! * Kids of all ages will enjoy on a hot day.

Make a water blob for the kids.  Cheap easy fun.  I'm doing it.

DIY Water Blob: Tutorial

The Water Blob tutorial: Amazing Summer Fun via Clumsy Crafter.gotta see what this is

Halloween party games.

Pumpkin Toss Game

Transform a cardboard box into a fun Halloween game! Kids will love this Pumpkin Toss Game as a Halloween party activity.

Toss 'n Talk ball.  Have them sit in a circle and toss the ball around. Whichever question is under their right thumb has to be answered. Fun for reviewing LA skills!!

toss n talk ball.fun for all adges.fun questions or task kids have to complete.must answer the question or complete the task under their right thumb. Would be great for a first slumber party game. Let the girls get to know each other.

Love this idea!

2 Simple Tape Activities: What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape

Fun Kid Activity: Lines of Colored Tape, straws and pompoms. Try straws and cotton balls. Adding the lines ups the challenge. Using pompoms allows you to adjust the size from tiny to pretty big. The pompoms are also nicer looking.

Where has this been all my life? Re-purpose a pump for filling water balloons!!  This can only lead to some serious summer fun!!

Household re-purpose: water balloon pump! Use big shampoo pump bottle to fill up water balloons without turning hose on and off 100 times. Just give them a big bucket of water to dip into.

DIY Ball/Foam Pit for kids. Small plastic pool plus cut up pool noodles! Less than $15

DIY Ball/Foam Pit for kids. Small plastic pool plus cut up pool noodles! Why didn't I think of this? I was just looking at those plastic balls the other day.this is WAY cheaper! Pool noodles at the dollar store!

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game make it out of king size mattress

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.

DIY - Backyard water park!

Backyard Sprinkler Park

build your own Backyard Sprinkler Park, bucket dump, sprinkler arch - tunnel, flower shower, dueling noodle cannons using mostly pvc pipe.

Halloween Games For Kids

Halloween Games for Class Parties: Ghost Busters relay race. It's the balloon relay race (where teams race to pop balloons by sitting on them), but the balloon is wrapped in tissue paper and decorated to look like a ghost.

Rainy weather keeping you indoors?? For a fun time, grab a ladder, a few cheap pool noodles, masking tape, and some marbles. @Carla Hamilton

Simple Activities for Little Engineers ~ via Inner Child Fun . pool noodle marble run . not sure I am comfy with the ladder but could so do this outside using the backyard tree and fence as part of the track!

Beat the heat on a hot summer day with these toddler-friendly kiddie-pool games.

Beat the heat on a hot summer day with these toddler-friendly kiddie-pool games. (Remember to supervise children near water.