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Compass Tattoo Design series part 1 WIP by Salix-Tree.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Part of a two tattoo compass series I'm working on for my girlfriend and myself. Both are symbolic of travel, adventure, a love for nature, finding our . Compass Tattoo Design series part 1 WIP

The heart is such a complicated thing, both physically as it beats to keep us alive, and emotionally in matters of love. These complex pieces are symbolic of the intricate structure and layers of delicate balance associated with a heart. Developed by designer Frank Tjepkema, or Tjep., the two bodies of work, Clockwork Love Gold and Clockwork Love Paper, are described as “A jewelry collection evenly and consistently combining a great multitude of graphic elements in a multitude of layers.”

Mechanical Heart Sculptures Frank Tjepkema These intricate, multi-layered paper hearts were designed and created by designer Frank Tjepkema, otherwise known

I have a box of odd steampunk stuff saved from mixed box lots at the auctions- someday I'll do something with it

Steampunk Pin - Aviator Design - Medal - Wings and Antique Key - Swarovski Crystal

Идеи дизайна ногтей - фото,видео,уроки,маникюр!

Imagine matching your nail art pattern with your favorite sweater this season. This is possible with the cable knit nails that are the latest trend.