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The 50 Funniest Tumblr Posts Of All Time

... yes

He’s Not Having It

He’s Not Having It

50 Ways to Take a Study Break

The Best Of Schmidt-Isms

Accurate Graph of Students over time.

From Pre-K To College, In 7 Extremely Scientific Graphs

Couple costume WIN!!! Sandlot


I'm awkward when people compliment me...

I'm awkward when people compliment me...


Proverbs 9:8 "do not correct jealous, cynical people. For they will hate you anyway, but correct the wise and they will love you!" hahaha!


My life explained in a children’s book…

Here are some great comics and cartoons for word-nerds and writers--

Why is this so hilarious??

This is sad but true

This is exactly my life right now.

More Daily Odd Compliments!

Funny Flirting Ecard: That awkward moment when you can text someone all day, everyday, but when you finally go out all you can talk about is the weather.

Lol, so true

get poster for finals week

Why I Love You - #BestFriends, #Friend, #Friends, #FunnyEcard, #FunnyEcards, #Humor

I have days like this

Valentine's Day


Funny Ecards